Trenta Picades

Red Wine from the Priorat

Trenta-Picades bottleshot

Trenta Picades is Catalan for 30 stings and refers to the fact that the winemaker, me, whilst picking the grapes for this wine, stepped into two consecutive wasp nests. The following busy few minutes involved a lot of screaming and flailing and ultimately resulted in (you guessed it) 30 stings.

Trenta Picades was made using Garnatxa, one of the classic varieties of the Priorat. The wine was made in the Priorat region of Catalonia using grapes from a single vineyard in the area of Torroja. This area had hot days with cool nights and so the grapes were able to ripen over a long time and maintained a fresh acidity. The grapes were grown to Organic standards but, at the time of picking, the vineyard was not officially classified as Organic (this has since changed and the vineyard is now officially Organic) The vineyards are well established and have been cultivated without the use of irrigation. Because of this the roots of the vines have had to dig very deep through rocky soil resulting in very low yields of intense grapes which truly reflect the terroir of the region.


The grapes were harvested in late September and were destemmed and lightly crushed into an open stainless steel fermentation tank. 30% of the grapes were left as whole berries. The grape and juice mixture was macerated for around a week at low temperatures before inoculating with two different yeast species. The wine was fermented at around 23⁰C and the wine was plunged (mixed in order to extract the flavour and colour) twice a day. After fermentation the wine stayed with its skins in a post ferment maceration for several  weeks before being pressed via a hand wooden press into barrels. The barrels were made from old oak as is traditional in the region so that the oak does not mask the flavours of the wine.  Malolactic fermentation took place in the barrels and the wine was aged for 22 months before bottling. Throughout the whole process, oxidation was minimised in order to help maintain the fresh character of the wine. The wine was bottled in the Summer of 2017.


The cool fermentation temperatures used for this wine mean that it is really aromatic with black fruits and a touch of violet. The wine also tastes of black fruits, cherries, chocolate, and dried fruits. The wine has a rich, full body, well integrated tannins and a very long finish. This is a powerful wine which is drinking very well now but will age excellently over the next 10 years.


The label was designed by Swci Delic, a Carmarthen born artist specialising in bold, bright, vibrant art that I think really lifts your mood. This is her website Swci Delic which I recommend you take a look at.


SOIL TYPE   Licorella (Schist)    VARIETY  Garnatxa VINE AGE  ~20 years old    TRAINING  Bush vines     HARVESTING  by hand    MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION  100%  FERMENTATION  Stainless steel and then aged in barrel.  FIRST BOTTLING  Summer 2017     ALCOHOL  15%    

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

FOOD MATCHING Cassoulet, roast duck and slow cooked lamb