A much delayed blog

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to apologise for the long delay. I seem to remember promising an update for January about the wine I’ve been making in Catalonia. What can I say? I started a winemaking job in Gisborne, New Zealand at the beginning of the year and suddenly I was either working or sleeping. I have just returned from there so I would now like to let you all know what I actually got up to in Catalonia in early January.


Views from the vineyard in Torroja. Above you can see a shelter where farmers would spend the night.

As you may remember, I left the Priorat in November, having put my wine in barrel and having inoculated it with malolactic bacteria (see Adéu for the time being…). I returned in early January in order to taste the wine and get an idea of any blending I might wish to do (along with figuring out when I would like it to be bottled).

I am pleased to report that the wine went through malolactic fermentation without any incidents. The wine has softened in the mouth whilst retaining all of its fruit and floral characteristics.

Upon tasting the wine, I was very pleased with the results but I have decided that it should stay in barrel for a while and therefore my current plan is to leave the wine alone until January 2017 and then to bottle it with a view to releasing it around April/May of 2017. I will be going back out to the Priorat in November just to check that everything is still OK.

So what now?


Pictures of me mucking around with the wine. It was actually a lot of fun tasting all the possible blends.

Well, in January, I didn’t just go to the Priorat. I also travelled to Slovenia to talk with a gentleman about making a white wine there this coming year. Slovenia is a beautiful country with some diverse wine regions and a cool climate that can produce some excellent white wine.

However, due to much of Europe being affected by late spring frosts, there is a shortage of top quality grapes to be had for a reasonable price. This means that I have put the Slovenian wine on hold for a while although I hope to make one in the future….

Luckily, I have recently been offered a winemaking job in a very interesting part of the world which will mean that I am able to use their facilities to make a white wine or two from some exciting indigenous varieties. This should mean that I will have a white wine and a red wine ready for release at the same time next year. More details will follow in another blog post to come in a few weeks time (honestly!).

As with last time, these posts will become more regular as we get nearer to harvest when they should start coming thick and fast. I look forward to sharing the excitement with you all once again.


Tchau for now….