First glimpse of the vineyard

Dwarf Vines

Dwarf Vines

This is the vineyard and, as you can see, the vines are quite small and stunted.

The soil is stony and poor here. This means that the vine has had to spend a lot of its energy in getting its roots really far down in order to find water. Because of this, the vine above ground is dwarfed in appearance.

Toni blocking the view

Toni blocking the view

This greater rooting depth is important. There are trace elements far down in the soil which can be taken up by the roots. This can lead to a greater minerality in the wine and also means that wines from this site are going to taste completely different than those made from the same grapes from another site which perhaps uses irrigation (as is common in hot regions in the New World).

When a vine is irrigated (or in an area with lots of rainfall), the roots of the vine will stay near the surface in order to take up the readily available water. Wines from these kinds of sites can often lack identity or taste very similar to each other. It is hard to pinpoint their origin. So a wine made from this vineyard should be pretty much unique and identifiable as a Priorat wine.

Err, that isn’t me by the way, he is Toni, my Spanish friend and owner of the vineyard. Ironically he does look like a more slim-line version of me!


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